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Common Cooking Terms

Ever read a recipe and not really know what some of the cooking terms mean? Well, we’ve put together a tip sheet to help avoid any confusion. These are some of the most common cooking terms used in recipes to help you out!

  • Slice-cutting flat thin pieces
  • Chop-cut foods with a knife into smaller pieces
  • Dice-cut foods with knife into tiny cubes
  • Mince-chop food into very fine pieces
  • Season-improve flavor by adding salt, pepper, and spices
  • Marinate-soak meat in flavored seasonings or liquid mixture
  • Simmer-water is almost boiling but no rapid bubbles rising to the surface
  • Saute-using a hot pan with oil and stirring food in the pan with constant motion
  • Sear-browning meat over high temperatures to seal in juices
  • Stir fry-cutting food into small pieces and using a hot pan with oil and stirring food in the pan with constant motion
  • Roast-cook by dry heat in the oven and promotes browning
  • Braise-cook food by gently simmering in flavorful liquid covered in a pot
  • Grill-quick cooking foods directly on an outdoor fire or indoor grill pan. Flavor develops from the dripping of juices and fat hits the heat source creating smoke that seasons the exterior of food
  • Toss-combine ingredients with a lifting motion
  • Toast-cooking or browning food by dry heat without adding fat using an oven or skillet