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Bendana Family

Growing up our parents worked multiple jobs with varying shifts from morning to afternoon and midnight shifts, so they had to be efficient and figure out a way to still put food on our table and get us ready to tackle the week.

Sunday was always Prep Day. Right after church, our family would go straight to the grocery store and load up the grocery cart. As soon as we came home, it was an assembly line of unpacking food items, filling the fridge/pantry, getting all the utensils, pots & pans out, turning on the grill/oven/stove, and our parents would start meal prepping for the week.

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Our parents weren’t always available in the most convenient times, so they had to find a way to ensure we still got fed in between their work schedules and our school activities. They would batch cook family style meals and package it up into containers so that all we had to do was warm it up and eat.

Even though we didn’t have much and had to be on a tight budget, they still produced meals like no other! (we have yet to convince our dad to give us his secret recipes!-(Papa, if you’re reading this…come on and just give it up!) When it came to food, my parents were always prepared, efficient, and resourceful. They bought ingredients that they could use and transform in multiple dishes.

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So for all struggling with meal prep or fitting in a good meal, we want to share what we learned from our parents growing up. We’re going to share dishes prepared on low budgets using streamlined and simple ingredients, while maintaining a variety of dishes so that you don’t get tired of eating the same thing!!

Whether it’s helping improve your experience with weekly meal prep, or just learning quick home cooking techniques, or providing better options for meal choices, we’ve got you covered with recipes, prep tips, and meal plans.


Food was a way for our family to stay connected no matter how busy and complicated our lives were, so we want to pay that same concept forward and hope we can also connect with you, wherever you are, whoever you are!

Are you ready to get started?