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Everyday we face successes and challenges, and life gets away from us before we even notice the time passing. We end up playing the shoulda, coulda, woulda game. Well, let me tell ya, playing that game just saps strength and steals precious moments. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to be prepared.

There is a saying that “Success is achieved when Preparation meets Opportunity.”

I was reminded of that during a moment of either regret or self-pity and found myself saying out loud, “PrepYoSelf, before you Wreck Yo Self” hahaha. Sounds silly, but there is definitely a lot of truth in it. Fortunately, I found enough energy to pull myself together and start a personal journey to prepare myself for opportunity.

But what does it really mean to be prepared? Well if you look up preparation, most define preparation as an “action” or “process” of making something ready for an occasion.

One of the biggest tips of “prepping yourself” is to just get something on your schedule. Once something gets on your schedule, there is most likely an extremely higher chance of it happening.

The crazy thing is that we tend not to schedule the important things in our lives. Naming the obvious here, health and wellness. Well, if you put it on your schedule, that is half the task. You know where, when, and what time you are going to do it. That is half the battle.

If it’s just something you tell yourself you’ll get around to doing, then we all know that life gets too busy, and we don’t get around to doing those things anymore.

Do yourself a favor, schedule a time and really commit to doing it at that particular time. Even if you start with a minimal amount of time. It’s  an opportunity that is life changing.

Opening yourself up to preparation will bring you surprises and you’re going to be amazed. Allow yourself for even better journey. Be bold. Choose the “PrepYoSelf” mindset and make yourself ready to greet the day!