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That Gut Feeling

Every now and then, we come across moments in our lives when something just hits us in the gut that we can’t ignore. This gut feeling is telling us that we need change, but most of the time, we take no action because starting new journeys always take work. I think we all know that getting started on new journeys is a beautiful thing and a really unique thing. It brings us into new opportunities that we get to experience. And we all need new opportunities and growth in some aspect of our lives, right?

We come to a point in our growth where we hit a stopping point, and eventually it becomes too unpleasant to stay in our situation, and we just have to break forth and move forward.

I think in all of our lives, we have that experience where we’re experiencing some real need, we’re experience some real vacancy, some real ambition, some real eagerness for something that is more than just enough, rather something that is splendid, and grand. And when that happens, it’s hard to ignore that it’s time to break out of that rut.

The hardest part is being honest with yourself and not resist this gut feeling. Most of the time, we push it aside because it’s “too much work” to start something new and we are skeptical about the chances of it being successful and don’t see value in taking the risk. However,  see it as an incredible opportunity to burst forward into a new opportunity in your life. At the end of the day, that feeling is going to be there and we can physically feel it. Whether it’s a new opportunity in your career, your health, or relationships, do yourself a favor and open up to this gut feeling and take the first step of acknowledging it, then take another step to do something about it even if it’s a small step. Anything is better than what you’re doing now.