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Hi! We are Chris and Christine, siblings extraordinaire!

We make it our mission to help others embrace wellness, conquer their kitchens, and use food as fuel and medicine to energize and nourish.

Christine Bendana

Christine Bendana


Hi! I’m Christine, and I LOVE helping people conquer their kitchens.

I spent over a decade becoming a master meal planner. I’m a trained chef and have a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition, and I’ve managed menus for companies, schools, hospitals, and more.

I walked away from my career in food service management so that I could focus on what I love doing most: helping busy people take back control over their diets.

My greatest memories have been around a table, sharing, and connecting through a good meal. So this virtual platform is my way of sharing and developing foodie friendships from my kitchen to yours and hopefully create great memories for you as well!

Chris Bendana

Chris Bendana


At a young age, I was always hesitant to talk to others because of language barriers or fear of improper grammar. I eventually started expressing myself through art and people kept giving feedback. Eventually, I learned to draw on computers, which lead me to web/graphic design. More and more people understood the messages I conveyed.

Now I speak the universal language that everyone knows and ironically helps others communicate when they have trouble getting their message across. I guess you can say I can speak a thousand languages and don’t even have to use a single word. I communicate through design.

So what does that have to do with food? I find a similar art and language in food, in the sense that food also is a universal expression that breaks language barriers and brings a mutual understanding. Everyone knows a good meal through a good bite. No words needed, probably because our mouths are stuffed. So now that I’ve swallowed my food, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Chris, let’s talk.

Our Founding Story

Growing up our parents worked multiple jobs with varying shifts from morning to afternoon and midnight shifts. Mom and Pops were focused on providing a better future for us and that came at the cost of their health. Mom and Pops struggled with nutrition-related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular complications. Eventually, Pops ended up in kidney failure and is now on dialysis treatment. We witnessed these nutrition complications first hand.

Both of us, in our own ways, saw ourselves repeating some of the dietary mistakes that we knew could be avoided. We were ambitious with our own careers, working long hours, and neglecting our nutrition by resorting to quick and convenient fast food binges, and just unhealthy eating choices. These experiences brought us to PrepYoSelf.

One day, Christine had one of those wake-up call moments and told herself “What are you doing? You need to Prep Yo Self before you Wreck Yo Self!” Christine has worked in communities to promote wellness, and she realized that the only way she can continue to help others is to help herself first. So she started the art of meal prepping and working on her personal journey with health. Eventually, she started working with individuals with their own personal struggles with eating healthy.

That’s when Chris, being the smarter and older brother who also happens to be a UX designer, offered to build her a website so that Christine can offer her plans on a more scalable platform and that is when www.PrepYoSelf.com was created.

So Here We Are

Combining both our experiences, we wanted to create tools for others so that they can combat these health issues as well.

Healthy eating and trying to come up with a balanced diet is difficult for most people, especially when we are living busy lifestyles. So we wanted to do all the hard work for others by putting together balanced meals from a nutrition perspective but with a culinary flair. After all, no one wants to eat broccoli and chicken every day.

Our own journey and history with nutrition lead us to create delicious, inexpensive, easy meal plans, with balance and variety for people who need help with their own nutrition so they can save time and actually enjoy eating balanced meals.

So we are honored to be a part of your journey. Remember, wellness is a process and a journey. We’re here to help you with options, but remember, you also need to be the driver of this process and put in the work!

Please take a look around our page. Here you will find access to recipes, meal prep tips, and meal plans. Our goal is to help you prepare for success, and that starts with treating yourself right because YOU deserve it.

Communication is key in any relationship, so please let us know if you have questions about the content or if there is anything that you want us to cover on our page. We would love to hear from you. We are excited to connect with you and start the beginning of a great journey together!

Happy Prepping!

Your Friends at PrepYoSelf

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