Simple Meal Plans for Busy Lifestyles

The hardest part has already been done.
All you have to do is shop, chop, and enjoy!


Simple Meal Plans for Busy Lifestyles

  • "Perfect! Thank you! So far we love the recipes this week! The Tilapia was delicious and love the shrimp."

Christine Bendana

Hi! I’m Christine, and I LOVE helping people conquer their kitchens.

I spent over a decade becoming a master meal planner. I’m a trained chef and have a degree in nutrition, and I’ve managed menus for companies, schools, hospitals, and more.

I walked away from my career in food service management so that I could focus on what I love doing most: helping busy people take back control over their diets.

My clients are hard-working professionals who want to eat well but don’t have the time to plan healthy meals for themselves on a regular basis. If that sounds like you, then you’ve probably just found exactly what you’re looking for.


Complete meal plans
Healthy, nutritionally balanced meals full of mouth-watering goodness!


Pre-made shopping lists
Buy only what you need, and use everything you buy, every time.


Healthy food… FAST
Organized weekly and daily prep tasks are optimized to get you cooking as fast as possible.


Exact fit for your family
Whether you’re eating alone or feeding a family all meal plans and recipes are simply scalable for one, two, or the whole crew!


Perfect for any skill level
If you can follow simple instructions, then you can prepare every meal in my library. If you already have some skills, then get ready to level up!

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Custom Meal Plans and Dietary Consulting

I work with select clients on a 1-on-1 basis to develop custom meal plans for specific dietary restrictions and health or performance needs. I currently have availability for two new clients. Please use this form to contact me if you’re searching for a personal consultation.

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