Meal Prepping Resources

Meal prepping can be life changing, especially for busy lifestyles. Beyond recipes there are a ton of ways to improve your meal prep. Cooking is complex but doesn’t need to be. Learning the essentials of nutrition can elevate your recipes while the fundamentals of cooking can improve every meal. At Prep Yo Self, we meal prep everyday and want to pass on our tips and tricks through regular posts.


round plate with peanut butter quesadillas and sliced green apples

Snack for Success: Healthy Eating Tips for Office Munchies

Meal prepping healthy snacks comes with a multitude of nutritional benefits, especially when it comes to fighting off those midday munchies. Incorporating meal prepping into your snack routine is a powerful strategy to stay on the healthy track, save time, and ensure you have nourishing options available whenever hunger strikes. It’s a small investment of…

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Learn To Cook

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Mise En Place: How to Organize Your Kitchen Space

If you’ve ever found yourself overwhelmed in the kitchen or staring at a recipe with uncertainty, fear not – we’re here to unlock the secret to organize your kitchen and seamless meal preparation. Say hello to the art of mise en place, a game-changing concept that transforms your kitchen into a well-organized flow of meal…

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How to Meal Prep Oats

Learn how to meal prep oats to open up a variety of nutritional breakfasts that taste amazing and can be easy to make. From baked to overnight oats, oats can be prepared in many ways that are great for breakfasts planned ahead. Oats are a good source of carbohydrates which provide energy throughout the day….

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