Meal Prepping Resources

Meal prepping can be life changing, especially for busy lifestyles. Beyond recipes there are a ton of ways to improve your meal prep. Cooking is complex but doesn’t need to be. Learning the essentials of nutrition can elevate your recipes while the fundamentals of cooking can improve every meal. At Prep Yo Self, we meal prep everyday and want to pass on our tips and tricks through regular posts.


Learn To Cook

fried egg and sausage hash

How to Cook Eggs

Ready to crack the secret to a healthier and tastier lifestyle? Let’s talk about the incredible benefits of mastering the art of cooking eggs. We get it, the simplicity of how to cook eggs might seem overwhelming, but fear not! We’re here to sprinkle some culinary magic and arm you with meal prep hacks, tips,…

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How to Meal Prep for a Busy Week

Life gets tough sometimes, between work, family, and friends you just run out of time. Meals and eating routines are often the first or second thing to go when your schedule gets busy. Learning how to meal prep for a busy week can make a huge difference in your life. Maintaining nutrition will help you…

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