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Make meal prep a regular part of your weekly routine. If you’re new to meal prep or looking to level up your meal prep, these e-books are outlined to improve your weekly meal prep experience.

These downloadable e-books include:

  • Weekly menu
  • Grocery & Ingredient list
  • Kitchen Equipment list
  • Cooking sequencing steps
  • Recipes by meal type
  • Assembly tips for storage, refrigeration, and food items

Our meal plans are designed to help improve your meal prep experience by providing easy access to recipes and guiding you through the meal prep process. We do this by developing culinary arts-inspired menus with fresh and simple ingredients, stimulating a health conscious living by providing a variety of options, and providing relatable and familiar recipes that fits diverse lifestyles. Our goal is to enable great meal prep experiences that empower individuals to be a better version of themselves.

One Week Meal Plans