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  • Full mobile and desktop access to meal plans online
  • Nutritionist-designed meal plans to help you achieve your health goals
  • Chef created recipes to include variety and flexible options (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
  • Organized and Printable grocery lists to save you time and avoid waste
  • Simple instructions to prep weekly meals in just a few short hours
  • We make it easy with PrepYoSelf’s step-by-step meal prep method



Billed Monthly at $9.99 after a 14-day trial



Billed Annually at $71.88 after a 14-day trial



Billed Quarterly at $20.97 after a 14-day trial

Meal Prep = Life Prep

With busy lifestyles in full swing, healthy eating can be challenging. That’s why we believe meal prep is key in maintaining better control over what we eat and makes it stress-free and cost-effective when achieving our goals. Having a plan can help prevent us from easily giving into temptations of eating take out all the time and making unhealthy choices. We will show you how to meal prep so that you can have a collection of well-balanced meals throughout the week. You will also have fun advancing your culinary skills in the process!

1 Prep Day
12 Tasty Meals

No Food Waste Shopping List

Our weekly meal plans come with a pre-made shopping list that makes sure you buy everything you need one time and you use everything you buy.

Easy, breezy, and sometimes cheesy

We walk you through all the steps to get you cooking faster and eating healthier asap. All of our recipes are tested to ensure that they are easy to follow and work in everyday real life.

Meal Magic with Fewer ingredients and more meals

  • Meal prep done so fast you’ll think it’s magic! Our meals call for a simple set of ingredients you’ll use for different recipes throughout the week.
  • We give you the tools and culinary tricks to create up to 6 recipes that make 12 meals in 2 hours if you’re really familiar with your kitchen or 3-4 hours if you are kind of scared of your stovetop right now


We’ve got Meal Appeal

The biggest difference between PrepYoSelf and regular meal prep plans is the variety of appetizing recipes we create each week. We don’t like eating the same thing 5 days in a row, and we know it’s not a sustainable way to enjoy food now and for the future. We include diverse menus with a variety of cuisines to keep things exciting.

We are flexible

Our recipes are also flexible enough to swap out ingredients with gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options. You can also customize serving sizes to fit your needs for each meal and even scale up to make extra batches to freeze for later.

We focus on Nutrition

We also put a focus on nutrition, so you don’t have to worry about making sure if you are incorporating enough variety of nutrients. Our meal plans and recipes are developed to help combat high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart-related complications.

We aim to energize

Healthy immune systems need good, regular nourishment from a variety of ingredients. We aim to provide a variety of ingredients loaded with antioxidants that can help in fighting inflammation and support a healthy immune system.

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