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Best Salad Meal Prep Containers

caperci salad meal prep container for lunch

One of the hardest things to get right when meal prepping can be storage, especially when meal prepping salads, as greens have a tendency to wilt, get soggy, and lose their crunch. Choosing the right salad meal prep containers can help you package your favorite salads, toppings, and dressings without losing all the deliciousness of having a fresh salad. 

Choosing optimal storage/containers can depend a lot on what types of toppings you choose for your salad, some helpful tips are: 

  • Avoiding storing juicy vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers in the same container as your greens
  • Choose dry toppings such as nuts, seeds, raisins and other dried fruits, as well as croutons.
  • Store dressings separate
  • Keep your greens dry
  • Use airtight containers
  • Store in fridge
  • Use firm salad greens for instance: use kale and swiss chard instead of spinach

There are numerous salad meal prep containers and condiment storage options available that will keep your salads fresh days after you first prepare them. 

1. Bentgo® Glass All-in-One Salad Container

The Bentgo® Glass all-in-one salad container is microwave, oven, dishwasher safe

Microwave, oven, and dishwasher safe this all in one salad meal prep container by Bentgo eliminates the need for a lunch bag as the fork and dressing container is also included. The best feature of this container is the breakdown compartments reducing the need to mix your greens, toppings, and dressing, keeping your salad fresh for days. The real game changer? This leakproof container is perfect for those who transport their lunch into the office on their busy morning commute. 

Price: $25

bentgo salad meal prep container
  • LARGE, AIR-TIGHT STACKABLE BOWL: Take healthy salads and other nutritious meals on the go with this stackable, all-in-one portable salad bowl. The airtight lid and secure locking clips seal in freshness, while the compartment tray and sauce container keep toppings separated until you’re ready to eat!
  • ENJOY COLD OR HOT MEALS: This glass salad container for lunch is for more than just salads, it’s also great for hot meals. The large, glass bowl is microwave, freezer, and oven-safe – making it a durable food storage option for meal prep, students on the go, or adults headed to the office.
  • STORE TOPPINGS SEPARATELY: A 4-compartment tray includes 1 large 10-oz compartment and 2 smaller 5-oz compartments to fit toppings of your choice, plus a leak-proof 3-oz container perfect for salad dressing.
  • DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN: All parts of this reusable salad bowl with lid are easy to clean and top-shelf dishwasher safe. In addition to its modern design, it’s made with BPA-free, high-quality materials, so you can enjoy this stackable adult lunch box for years to come.

2. Caperci 2 Pack Large Salad Container for Lunch

Another cost friendly large salad meal prep container option is this airtight, leak resistant container, with locking clips, ensuring that your salad stays fresh and flavorful for days. This stylish design comes in more neutral colors, along with a condiment container for your favorite dressing and a 5 compartment tray to separate various salad toppings.Feel free to toss this in the dishwasher for easy cleanup and enjoy your food cold or warm with this microwave safe option.

Price: $20

caperci salad meal prep container for lunch
  • LEAK-PROOF TECHNOLOGY – Airtight lid features a food-grade silicone sealing ring and enhanced Leak-proof design with locking clips to keep food fresh on the go – Easily cleaned in the dishwasher and BPA-free.
  • STORE TOPPINGS SEPARATELY – The top tray is divided into 5 compartments to keep your toppings separated and fresh while the middle 3-oz compartment holds the included dressing container with leak-proof lid.
  • SAVE BIG & ALL-IN-ONE – You Will Get Pack of 2. All-in-one Caperci Large salad lunch container solution comes with a spork, dressing container and a tray to keep all of your salad fixings separate until it’s time to mix and eat. (Not for children under 3 years)

3. Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid, 0.5 Cup

A meal prep container brand that is tried and true is Rubbermaid. These small plastic containers maximize your storage and are great for salad dressings and toppings like nuts and seeds. What’s even better is that they are dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. No more searching through the cabinets, the snap lid feature guarantees that you will always find the correct lid for your container. 

Price: $15

sauce meal prep cups
  • Easy-find lids snap together and to container bases so you can always find the right lid
  • BPA-free plastic is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe
  • Square shape for maximum storage in the smallest spaces
  • Includes: 1/2 Cup 12 with 12 Easy Find Lids

4. Mini Salad Dressing Bottles To Go by Joie

These mini squeeze dressing bottles make it easy for you to enjoy your favorite salad dressing wherever you are. These leakproof bottles are 2.35 ounces making them easily two servings of dressing, ensuring that you’re always prepared. Note that these bottles are not microwave safe, but that’s okay you can still toss these in your lunch bag and be on your way to make enjoying your lunch break easier.

Price: $7

salad dressing meal prep containers
  • Enjoy delicious salad dressing anywhere with these Mini Salad Dressing Bottles To Go! Fill the silicone bottle up with your favorite dressing or condiment and gently squeeze when ready to dispense. Take these leak proof bottles to school or work to make your lunch break easier!Product Details

5. ello Plastic Food Storage Containers with Soft Base

Salad meal prep does not always have to mean your traditional leafy greens and italian dressing,you can mix it up with this single serve container that is convenient for pasta salad, potato salad, and even protein packed tuna salad options. This meal prep container is equipped with a skid-free silicone base, and leak proof lid to ensure clean transportation. Use this container to be creative with your lunch or dinner prep, the possibilities are endless!

Price: $22

set of salad meal prep containers
  • Skid-free silicone soft base protects the plastic.
  • Leak-proof lid with color-matched tabs for easy pairing.Microwave safe without the lid. Dishwasher and freezer safe.Set includes (5) 3.7 cup containers.

6. (re)zip Reusable Leakproof Mini Stand Up Bag – 3pk

I love reusable ziplock bags, this small wide-based bag is perfect for storing a variety of toppings for your salad. Pair with a single serving container (mentioned above) and you will be sure to keep your lunch fresh until ready to eat. The plus is that these ziplock bags are not only great for salads, they are good for snacks and favorites. The durable and lightweight design make them my go-to for keeping everything fresh and organized during my busy day!

Price: $8

ziplock bags for salad meal prep containers
  • Airtight, waterproof, and leakproof
  • Resealable double zip “clicks” shut (mmm satisfying)
  • Freezer safe: perfect for storing individual portions and small leftovers
  • Fits 3 handfuls of nuts or trail mix, 2 hard-boiled eggs, granola in one bag, yogurt in another, loose change, bandaids, cotton swabs, and lip balm

7. 43 oz 50 Pack Large Paper Bowls with Lids

If you are someone who loves to meal prep salads but always forgets your container after lunch or never has a way to clean up in the office, these disposable- eco friendly containers are a game-changer. They are a fantastic alternative to traditional glass or plastic containers. I love that they are leak proof and also microwave safe keeping things mess-free. The best thing about them is they are made out of biodegradable products and are 100% compostable.

Price: $32

disposable paper bowls for salad meal prep containers
  • Eco-Friendly: Our packing food containers is made out of environmentally-friendly paper. a biodegradable material. A great alternative to Traditional Paper or Plastic, the disposable salad bowls offers the same sturdy function and microwave safe.
  • Size and Capacity: 50 pack of disposable paper boxes with lids, 8.6″ x 6.5″ x 3″ and has a capacity of up to 43oz (1300ml). This large size is suitable for buying a lunch takeout!
  • Oil Proof and Leak Proof: Prevent grease and oil from soaking through. Your food will be securely packaged in these packed in take out box. Food packaging boxes are also microwaveable.
  • 100% Compostable: Kaderron disposable serving bowls can replace the cleaning of tableware. It is the best choice for takeout box fast food restaurants, and it is also an ecological and sustainable paper box.

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