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Learn to Cut a Mango

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Mango is a delicious and healthy tropical fruit. In some parts of the world, it is called the “king of fruits.” Mango is native to India and Southeast Asia, and there are hundreds of types of mango. Mango is low in calories but full of nutrients. Mango is delicious, versatile, and can easily be added to your weekly meals. However, cutting a mango can be difficult because of its tough skin and large pit. So we’re here to show you how to cut a mango so that you can enjoy this delicious fruit.

Types of Mango

There are many varieties of mango and each one has a unique flavor and texture. Tommy Atkins is the most widely grown variety in the US and the flavor is mild and sweet. The Kent is ideal for drying and juicing and has a dark green and occasional red blush. The Keitt is grown in Mexico and the US and has few fibers which make its flesh juicy and easy to cut. 

How to Buy and Store Mango

  • When you are at the grocery store, don’t just rely on the color as the indicator for ripeness. Gently squeeze the mango. If the mango slightly gives, then it is a ripe mango. 
  • If you buy a mango that is not ripe, store it at room temperature so that they continue to ripen and become sweeter and softer over several days. If you pick them ripe, you can move them to the refrigerator to slow the ripening if you are not going to use it for a couple of more days.

How to Cut a Mango

Step 1: Cut the sides of the mango

The mango has a large, flat oval stone (or seed) in the center of the fruit making it tricky to prepare. After you learn to work around the stone, the rest of the preparation is simple. You will want to use a sharp knife so that it cuts through easily and can pierce through the skin of the mango. Stand the mango upright on a chopping board and use a chef’s knife to cut vertically ¼ inch away from the midline. Cut all the way through the flesh, away from the center of the mango on each side. 

slice mango

Step 2: Cut the flesh in a grid

Cutting a grid into a mango is similar to cubing an avocado. Use a pairing knife to cut a grid pattern on each mango half. Make sure not to cut through the skin. Using your hands, push underneath the mango halves to push out the individual cubes. This will help separate the cubes and make it easier to cut out. 

cut mango

Step 3: Use a large spoon to scoop the flesh

Using a large spoon, scoop out the individual cubes from the mango skin. The individual cubes should easily scoop out from the skin.

scoop mango
diced mango

You will notice, there is quite a bit of fruit left around the stone. Most people throw this part away, but here at PrepYoSelf, we don’t waste food! You can easily use the knife to cut the peel off and eat the mango right off the stone. Or you can lay the mango slice on the cutting board and use a paring knife to cut the skin away and then use the knife to cut the flesh away from the stone. You should be able to get two thin strips of mango which can also be diced.

What can you eat with mango?

  • We love putting mango in pico de gallo with onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and lime.
  • You can also blend it in smoothies with other fruits and vegetables.
  • Mangoes can be pureed in a blender with other seasonings to make a sauce so that you can use it as a glaze for protein marinades or even drizzle it on as a sauce.

Here are some easy mango recipes that we think you might enjoy:

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