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Benefits of Watermelon

Watermelon slices

Watermelon is a refreshing fruit that is full of nutrients. Not only does it taste wonderful, but it also has numerous health benefits.

Health Benefits of watermelon

  • Watermelon is a sweet and refreshing low calorie snack and provides hydration since it is about 90% water. It provides essential nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Watermelon contains B Vitamins that can help boost your energy levels and electrolytes such as potassium to replenish nutrients lost as you sweat. Drinking watermelon juice may also help increase athletic performance by having quicker recovery heart rates and fewer sore muscles the next day due to an amino acid called citrulline. Watermelon also has usable carbs which can help replenish glycogen stores as part of proper recovery.
  • It is also known to help reduce hypertension and lower blood pressure due to high levels of lycopene. As a result, it may help lower the risk of heart disease. This phytonutrient can help keep your arteries flexible and avoid the accumulation of artery-clogging plaque. Lycopene also contributes to the red hue in watermelon, therefore, the more red the watermelon, the better. 
  • Watermelon has some anti-inflammatory effects that could help reduce inflammation such as those that suffer from arthritis. 
  • Watermelon contains nearly one-quarter of your recommended daily intake for Vitamin A and it has a high amount of Vitamin C. Both vitamins help encourage healthy growth of new collagen and elastin cells keeping skin healthy and eyesight sharp.
  • Nutrition Information in 1 serving –1 cup 46 calories, 11.6 carbs

Best Uses of Watermelon

  1. Make a refreshing drink 
  2. Roast watermelon seeds
  3. Make watermelon fruit pizza for kids 
  4. Use it as a fruit basket 

Diet Friendliness Chart

Diet FriendlinessYesNo
Gluten Freex 
Dairy Freex 
Low Caloriex 
Allergy FriendlyX-mainly for children
Low Carbx 

Cook Time: Watermelon does not require much prep other than cutting it open and slicing it up which should take less than 5 minutes with a sharp knife.

History of Watermelon

  • First discovered 5000 years ago in Egypt, depicted in hieroglyphics
  • Over 1200 varieties of watermelon grown across 96 countries
  • Watermelon is considered both a fruit and a vegetable
  • You can eat the rinds (most recipes are pickled)
  • Largest watermelon weighed 350.50 lbs

FAQ – About Watermelon

  • Is watermelon good for weight loss?
    • Since it is 90% water and low in calories, it is a great fruit for weight loss. It helps you stay hydrated and snacking on it will keep you full in between meals.
  • How much watermelon should I eat a day?
    • Although it is low in calories and fat, it is possible to overdo it with watermelon. This fruit contains a phytonutrient known as lycopene which can cause gastrointestinal distress. More than 30 mg a day can cause nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and indigestion
  • Does watermelon improve skin?
    • Watermelon can also be used as a skin-care product. The rinds can help with calming skin inflammation while the seeds can boost collagen in your body. Rub rinds on sunburns, rashes, or irritated skins to soothe the skin. It is also loaded with Vitamin E which contributes to rejuvenating your skin.

Recipe Ideas for watermelon

If you want to do more than just slice and dice your watermelon, here are a few other ideas on how to prep and eat watermelon to make the most out of its health benefits:

Watermelon Sorbet

If you’re looking for a lower calorie version of a frozen dessert to keep you cool in the heat, then try making this simple 2 ingredient sorbet. In a blender, blend 2 cups of watermelon with ¼ cup of water:

Watermelon On a Stick

Beef and chicken aren’t the only things good for kebabs, try watermelon on a stick. Layer watermelon with mozzarella balls, cucumber, and drizzle with a balsamic glaze.

Watermelon Salsa

Make a salsa with watermelon as a dip for an appetizer or snack and serve it with tortilla chips. Dice up watermelon, mango, green onions, and red onion. Squeeze some lemon juice and mix it all together.

watermelon and proscuitto

Watermelon with Prosciutto

Here’s a twist on the classic prosciutto and melon combo. Try it with watermelon instead. Cut watermelons into sticks. Wrap them with prosciutto. Serve it with mozzarella balls and almonds.

Here’s a Steak and Watermelon recipe that we think you’ll enjoy!

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