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Top 10 Meal Prep Recipes To Lose Weight

glass meal prep containers filled with chicken meatball lettuce wraps - meal prepping in batches

We rounded up some of our favorite meal prep recipes to help you achieve your weight loss goals. As you know, we are firm believers in meal prepping. It’s such a great way to ensure you have healthy and nutritious meals that are ready to eat when you’re busy on the go or just help you avoid last-minute splurges on takeout or fast food. Here are some of the top meal prep recipes to help with weight loss.

1. Grilled Italian Chicken with Green Beans and Almonds

Marinating our meats adds flair and keeps them juicy during the cooking process. We use premade salad dressings as a meal prep hack. This dish is high in protein and served with a healthy side of green beans and almonds. Protein and fiber can help you stay full longer which can aid in weight loss.

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2. Sausage Egg Muffins with Strawberries

This breakfast meal prep is high in protein and also carb friendly. Protein helps you stay full longer. The already portioned-out egg muffins are also an easy way to bring with you on the go. You can make large batches and freeze the rest for later.

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3. Oven Baked Apple with Ricotta and Walnuts

If you need something to satisfy your sweet tooth, then, this next dish on our list top meal prep recipes is a healthy way to satisfy those taste buds. You can enjoy it for breakfast, as a snack, or even for dessert. Fruits are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and can help satisfy your sweet tooth without adding a lot of extra calories to your diet. This is an easy dish you bake in the oven in less than 20 minutes.

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4. Cinnamon Toast Quinoa Crunch with Strawberries

Quinoa is not just for savory dishes and salads, it can also be a healthy breakfast alternative to oatmeal or cereal. It’s a sweet and nutty recipe that can help you start your day off with some great nutrients. It’s high in protein, contains high fiber, and is easy to digest. You can make a big batch and save the rest for later.

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5. Citrus Ginger Salmon and Beet Salad

This is a refreshing salad that is full of healthy ingredients that can help you power through your day. It’s the perfect lunch meal prep because you can bake everything in the oven and have everything ready in less than 15 minutes. And if you are cooking for one, use the Air Fryer and it will cook in less time.

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6. Ground Beef Broccoli Stir Fry

Stir fry is such a great healthy way to meal prep. You can incorporate lots of vegetables, use minimal fat, and it comes out tasting so good. We used lean ground beef, broccoli, and bell peppers for this recipe. You can serve it with steamed rice, noodles, or even in a lettuce wrap.

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7. Oven Baked Honey Mustard Glazed Chicken Salad

This is a great meal prep recipe for weight loss because it uses pantry-friendly ingredients and is low-calorie. Everything is cooked on a sheet pan in an oven, and it is also budget-friendly and saves you money during the week. 

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8. Easy Air Fryer Steak Kebabs

Making Kebabs is such a fun and healthy way to meal prep. Everything is portioned out. You can make a high-protein meal with lots of veggies and cooking it in the Air Fryer allows you to be hands-free.

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9. Breakfast Yogurt Recipes

Yogurt can be high in protein and low in sugar. Top it off with fruit and nuts can provide a delicious and filling breakfast or snack that can help you lose weight. Adding nuts and seeds that are high in healthy fats, protein, and fiber can help you keep feeling full and satisfied.

10. Breakfast Egg Frittata Recipes

Last but not least in our top 10 meal prep recipes to help you lose weight., baking eggs is such a great meal prep hack for losing weight. They are easy to make, you can customize them with your own ingredients, and they are low-calorie. Since they are high in protein they will help keep you full and help you start off your day with some great energy.

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