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Low Carb Meal Prepping

Low carb meal prepping is nothing new but sometimes it helps to have a refresher and perhaps learn some new things. Low carb diets and meal routines have been around for decades and for many reasons. Many people use them to lose weight while others use them to manage health conditions, either way incorporating low carb diets can be effective for some people who want to consider mixing it into their meal prep.

Low carb meal prepping can be especially difficult for people with busy schedules. Sandwiches are so easy. Classic American sides like potatoes and corn are fast. Busy schedules often push nutrition to the backseat. It’s important to learn and practice healthy eating, especially when you’re busy, to stay physically and mentally healthy. 

Not all carbs are created equal. Carbohydrates are a macronutrient found in many food sources and they come in different forms and can differ in nutritional value and have different effects on health. Many are found in a lot of forms such as simple sugars and starches. Many different foods provide carbs in these forms. From breads, milk, cookies, potatoes, soft drinks, corn and so much more. These types of high carb foods that come in simple carbohyrdate forms make up a big portion of American diets and consuming too many in an unbalanced diet can be unhealthy. 

whole grain bread for low carb meal prepping

Carbohydrates are one of your body’s primary sources of energy and not all are unhealthy, especially complex carbs. There is no need to avoid them completely, and knowing how to incorporate them into your diet in moderation is key. Knowing your body’s carbohydrate needs is important and discussing this with your doctor or nutritionist is a good idea. The type of carbs is important as well and can be more important than the volume. 

Healthy carbs that come in the form of complex carbohydrates can be found in minimally processed, more natural, foods such as whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruit. These foods are a great source of fiber and other nutrients. These complex carbohydrates are digested more slowly and can help control your blood sugar to prevent spikes and also help keep you feeling full longer. The balance of carbs to other nutrients is great for these types of foods. Including whole grain options in a meal and pairing it with high protein and high fiber foods in a balanced meal makes it a healthier choice.

Unhealthy simple carbohydrates are essentially the opposite. Overly processed foods like white bread, pastries, and sodas. These foods contain far less nutrients and fiber and much more sugar and fat and are digested quickly and spike the blood sugar. 

fresh fruit and juice for low carb meal prepping

When picking out ingredients for your low carb meal prepping, pay attention to the first few ingredients on the back of the container and read the nutrition label to see and look for options with no added sugar. Just because the food claims to be low carb doesn’t mean that it actually is. For example, some items that appear to be healthy such as yogurt may have added sugar. Other examples include beef jerky or sausage, but some are flavored with added sugar. Instant oatmeal does not provide the same level of whole grain as an old fashioned oat or steel cut oat. Opt for fresh fruit instead of juices. Whole fruit contains significantly more fiber and less sugar than most juices.

Low carb meal prepping can be easy once you learn great low carb recipes or ingredient substitutions. Many recipes can be altered to include healthier options while retaining the same flavor. Another option is to find common foods made with vegetables.

  • Instead of traditional pasta: vegetable pastas, squash noodles
  • Instead of chips: cheese crisps, organic pork rinds, or vegetable chips
  • Instead of potatoes: mashed cauliflower, beans
  • Instead of sodas: flavored sparkling water
  • Instead of white bread: keto breads, lavash breads, almond flour breads
  • There are many low carb or keto versions of popular ingredients as well such as tortillas.

Numerous diets, particularly new trending ones, suggest replacing some carbs with fats which can be a healthy option if managed appropriately. If that is the case, the incorporation of healthy fats like avocados and nuts into your meals, can be a fantastic choice when approached mindfully. While it’s not advised to completely overhaul every single meal with this approach, it’s important to acknowledge that individual dietary needs vary, and what works wonderfully for one person might not suit another’s unique digestion and nutritional requirements.

Low Carb Meal Prepping Recipes

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