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Pasta Meal Prep

Pasta gets a bad rap, as do most carbs in general. In reality carbohydrates, specifically those made of whole wheat grains, have amazing benefits from being a great source of energy, as well as, fiber to help with our body’s normal daily process. Pasta meal prep is a convenient and delicious way to ensure that you have satisfying meals to get you through the week. 

Quick pasta meal prep options

There are numerous nutritious ways to meal prep pasta without compromising on taste. One of those ways is microwaveable pasta; there are a variety of pastas available in a microwave safe package and ready to easily eat in one minute. By pairing your pasta with some seasoning, protein of choice, veggie, and sauce you have the makings of a great versatile meal prep. 

Another great trick is investing in a microwave pasta cooker; these are easy to come by and will usually run you about ten dollars. The nifty thing about these containers is you can take your shelf-stable pasta, add a little water and turn a stove top classic into a quick and easy microwave pasta meal prep.

Pasta meal prep as a side

Meal prepping pasta as a side can introduce a lot of flexibility into your already busy schedule, pasta is kid friendly and provides variations in your meals that your family will love. Mac and cheese for instance is a great side option, making a double batch on the stove-top will be sure to help dinner stretch throughout the week. Some great pasta cooking tips are: 

sausage pumpkin pasta
  • Season your pasta 
  • Allow your water to reach a boil first 
  • Continue to stir your pasta throughout the cooking process
  • Taste your pasta as you prepare
  • Learn the best pasta shape to pair with your dish ie: short cut pastas are great for soups where as long noodles are best served in creamy sauces

Another way to incorporate nutrition into your pasta meal prep that you and your family will love is by hiding veggies throughout your pasta dish or even in your sauce. Roasted tomatoes, bell peppers, or broccoli make fibrous and filling additions to toss into your pasta dish. This is a fantastic approach for anyone who dislikes vegetables. The sauce can cover the flavor and texture of veggies while keeping the nutrition intact.

Pasta meal prep is great for family gatherings or events as pasta can best be served hot or cold. A great cold side dish option is pasta salad, using the tips above you can cook your pasta to perfection and add in different toppings and dressings to create a dish that everyone will love. You can also go with a heated classic such as; pasta noodles tossed in olive oil, and who doesn’t love a little added sprinkle of parmesan cheese?

Gluten-Free pasta options


Despite popular belief there are numerous pasta options and pasta substitutes out there for people of all dietary needs. People who strictly follow a gluten-free diet can also enjoy pasta meal prep by getting a little creative with ingredient swaps. One of my favorite dry pasta options are pastas made from lentils or chickpeas. The best part is the prep does not differ from traditional dry pasta and the taste is virtually the same. 

Fresh vegetables can provide a nutritious and gluten-free alternative to flour pasta noodles. By making veggies such as spaghetti squash and zucchini the star of the show, you can take your favorite pasta meal prep inspired dish and create something delicious to add to your weekly rotation. 

More tips on how to meal prep your pasta noodles

  • Pasta noodles typically last 3-5 days in the fridge
  • Pasta is best stored separately from sauces 
  • When reheating pasta noodles add sauce or a drizzle of olive oil or water to keep the dish from drying out
  • You can reheat your pasta noodles in a saute pan, add a little bit of olive oil or water and continuously stir until warm
  • Pasta meant for reheating can be slightly undercooked this will help it keep its form after reheating

Pasta meal prep, whether they’re the center of attention, a side dish, or even a nutritious gluten free option, are a great versatile option for people running low of time throughout the week, taking a few minutes once or twice per week you can enjoy the convenience of satisfying and quick meals to meet all your dietary needs. 

Being creative with your protein, vegetables, sauces, and seasonings you can take easy pasta meal prep and turn it into a truly savory experience while saving you time, this way you can spend your time doing the things that matter, like sitting around the dinner table enjoying conversations with your loved ones.

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